What else can I do?

So if you’re concerned about the lack of wheelchair access to beaches in North Wexford, there are a few things you can do:

1. Sign the online petition here.

2. Contact Wexford County Council – Tom Enright Chief Executive, and George Colfer, Coastal Engineer and your public representatives to share your concerns. Feel free to use our template letter below and copy and paste it to the email addresses listed.

Email template, feel free to copy and paste:

To whom it concerns, 

I am writing to ask you to support Matthew McGrath’s worthwhile campaign. As part of his work experience, he recently completed a study on accessibility to beaches in North Wexford. He has gathered over 2000 signatures to the online petition, details of which can be found on the website- www.wheeleasybeaches.ie

Given the public support, I would appreciate if you would help Matthew by supporting this issue.

On the website, there are examples of where this has been done successfully:
Dollymount (rubber matting)
Salthill, Galway (hession) and our own
Curracloe (wooden ramp)

I look forward to positive action on this important matter.

Kind regards 

Relevant email addresses:

Councillors Gorey Kilmuckridge Municipal District
Andrew Bolger, Fianna Fáil, andrew.bolger@wexfordmcc.ie
Pip Breen, Fianna Fáil, pip.breen@wexfordmcc.ie
Diarmuid Devereux, Fine Gael, diarmuid.devereux@wexfordmcc.ie
Anthony Donohoe, Fine Gael, anthony.donohoe@wexfordmcc.ie
Mary Farrell, mary.farrell@wexfordmcc.ie
Willie Kavanagh, Fianna Fáil, willie.kavanagh@wexfordmcc.ie
Donal Kenny, Fianna Fáil, donal.kenny@wexfordmcc.ie
Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin, Sinn Fein, fionntan.osuilleabhain@wexfordmcc.ie
Joe Sullivan, Fianna Fáil, joe.sullivan@wexfordmcc.ie
Oliver Walsh, Fine Gael, oliver.walsh@wexfordmcc.ie

Councillors Enniscorthy Municipal District
Barbara-Anne Murphy, Fianna Fáil, bamurphy@wexfordmcc.ie
Aidan Browne, Fianna Fáil, aidan.browne@wexfordmcc.ie
Cathal Byrne, Fine Gael, cathal.byrne@wexfordmcc.ie
Kathleen Codd-Nolan, Fine Gael, kathleen.coddnolan@wexfordmcc.ie
John O’Rourke, john.o’rourke@wexfordmcc.ie
Jackser Owens, jackser.owens@wexfordmcc.ie

Councillors Enniscorthy Municipal District
Anthony Connick, anthony.connick@wexfordmcc.ie
Pat Barden, patrick.barden@wexfordmcc.ie
John Fleming, Fianna Fáil, john.fleming@wexfordmcc.ie
Bridin Murphy, Fine Gael, bridin.murphy@wexfordmcc.ie
Michael Sheehan, Fianna Fáil, michael.sheehan@wexfordmcc.ie
Michael Whelan, Fianna Fáil, michael.whelan@wexfordmcc.ie

Councillors Rosslare Municipal District
Ger Carthy, ger.carthy@wexfordmcc.ie
Jim Codd, Aontu, jim.codd@wexfordmcc.ie
Lisa McDonald, Fianna Fáil, lisa.mcdonald@wexfordmcc.ie
Jim Moore, Fine Gael, jim.moore@wexfordmcc.ie
Frank Staples, Fine Gael, frank.staples@wexfordmcc.ie

Councillors, District of Wexford
Maura Bell, Labour, maura.bell@wexfordmcc.ie
Tom Forde, Sinn Fein, tom.forde@wexfordmcc.ie
John Hegarty, Fine Gael, john.hegarty@wexfordmcc.ie
David Hynes, david.hynes@wexfordmcc.ie
Leonard Kelly, leonard.kelly@wexfordmcc.ie
Garry Laffan, Fianna Fáil, garry.laffan@wexfordmcc.ie
George Lawlor, Labour, george.lawlor@wexfordmcc.ie