Access for Wheelchair Users Physically ImpairedAll in North Wexford

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My name is Matthew McGrath and I live in North Wexford. I am surrounded by beautiful beaches that I cannot access in my wheelchair.  My family and friends are sea swimmers and I cannot join them on the beach because there are no accessible paths or trails.

Check out our Gallery to see photos of the 10 inaccessible beaches. 

North Wexford Beaches snapshot

Here are the numbers that tell the story of my local beaches from Castletown to Cahore. According to the latest CSO census, over 8,000 people in Wexford are physically impaired and that’s not counting our many tourists.

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Our Key Priorities

Beach Access

Beach Access

Make our beaches accessible for all disabilities

Disabled Parking

Disabled Parking

Make our beach car parks accessible

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Join us to invite Wexford County Council, TDs, Senators, and other decision-makers to ensure everyone can access our lovely beaches.